Le Nhat Vu

Le Nhat Vu

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Le Nhat Vu

Le Nhat Vu

Nhat Vu was born and grew up in Nha Trang City, a beautiful seaside city of Vietnam. He is working as a freelance illustrator at Ho Chi Minh City. He has a big interest with stories, and wants to perform them by drawing. He taught himself by studying from art documents and favorite artists’ works. The first thing lead him to become an illustrator is manga. In the childhood, he read so many mangas (Japanese comics) and tried to draw them by himself. When growing up, he knows more about drawing world, and be attracted by book illustration, especially children book’s illustration. Outside the artistic field, he’d love to watch and play football, read novels, watch movie, listen to old pop music. His goal is to make illustrated stories loved by many people in Vietnam and in the World

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