Heather Burns

Heather Burns

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Heather Burns

Heather Burns

Heather lives in a small town in the center of England called Uttoxeter (yes, it is a real place!). She studied Illustration at The University of Lincoln but is now back in Uttoxeter working in her studio with her black lab, Meadow, for company. As a child, Heather was brought up on Disney movies and The Simpsons, which were early inspiration for her to want to be involved in art in some way or another. She used to love creating comic books and would have so much fun thinking up all the different characters. This is something Heather still loves today. Nowadays, Heather works digitally, but when she gets a spare minute, she will experiment with different methods such as paper collage. If Heather weren’t an illustrator, she’d like to think she’d be a figure skater! Not that she can skate but if there had been an ice rink in her tiny town when she was growing up, she’d have been there for sure! Or she’d do something with animals, maybe in a rainforest somewhere…with orangutans

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