Kamala Nair

Kamala Nair

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Kamala Nair

Kamala Nair

Kamala M Nair grew up in Kerala, a small state in Southern Coastal India surrounded by exotic wildlife, stunning beaches, lush green hills and turquoise backwaters. She is a professional Architect, children's book Illustrator and most recently an author. Her background in architecture helps her to visualise and think like a designer and her inner artistic self does magic with colours. Her works are heavily inspired by a harmonious blend of nature and architecture. Kamala loves to travel and get immersed in the beauty of culture, architecture and people around the world! During her spare times, she likes to cycle into the hills, watch the sunset by the beach, enjoy the evening walks in the paddy fields or go for a swim with her friends in the pond behind her house. Being a full-time Illustrator now, she occasionally involves in developing concepts and design of architectural projects with her boyfriend in his studio

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