Abhilasha Khatri

Abhilasha Khatri

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Abhilasha Khatri

Abhilasha Khatri

Abhilasha is a children’s book illustrator based in Nasik, a quaint city near Mumbai, known for its vineyards, cultural heritage, waterfalls, backwaters, mountains, and fireflies. She transitioned into the whimsical world of children’s books after working as an architect for over a decade. Illustrating children, animals, nature, and people has always come naturally to her. Since shifting her career, Abhilasha has worked with various indie publishers and authors on more than a dozen books. Abhilasha describes her art style as fluid and organic, as she loves to constantly experiment with color palettes and perspectives. Having lived in different cities in India and the USA has endowed Abhilasha with a greater understanding of the diverse world we live in. She, therefore, loves to work on multicultural, inclusive, and diverse children’s books. Having a book lover child by her side immensely helps Abhilasha develop age-appropriate and expressive illustrations. Her 6-year-old daughter, Meera, happens to be her biggest admirer and worst critic. In her free time, Abhilasha loves gardening, DIY, cooking and baking, playing with her daughter and her cats, and traveling with her favorite person - her husband.

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