Addy Rivera Sonda

Addy Rivera Sonda

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Addy Rivera Sonda

Addy Rivera Sonda

Addy was born and raised in a little town in the south of Mexico, a town with a farmers market (full of people, fruits, flowers and colors) and a house (full of books) where she grew up. As a passionate animal lover and vegan, she is an avid activist in various animal rights groups like Animal Save, Anti-Speciesist Action”, and Casa Animal “Animal House”. She considers a very important part of her activism is putting up her illustrations on social media to spread the message of kindness and love for our planet and fellow living being with which we share our homes. She believes that everyone’s activism can look different, some attend vigils and are in the front lines of animal rescue and liberation, others are more subtle. It inspires her to think that stories and art are slowly but surely changing the way people understand themselves and perceive others, building empathy and a more inclusive world

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