Agnieszka Potocka

Agnieszka Potocka

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Agnieszka Potocka

Agnieszka Potocka

Agnieszka was born in a small city in eastern Poland. She moved to Gdańsk to study architecture where she is currently based. She is an architect by profession but illustration became her true passion. She is a self-taught illustrator who works digitally but also likes sketching in traditional mediums such as coloured pencils. She loves creating magical worlds and sharing emotions through her art. Agnieszka pays attention to small details in her illustrations and loves designing new characters. Her dream is to inspire children all over the world with her work and has already published several children's books in Poland. When not drawing, Agnieszka loves reading fantasy and historical books, knitting, playing board games with friends and going for walks on the beach


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