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Ahya Kim

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Ahya Kim

Ahya Kim

Ahya was born in 2000 to a British Korean family in New Malden, known as London’s ‘Korea Town’. Today, she continues to live there, appreciating the elegant languages and colourful food of both cultures. Ahya’s love for reading and drawing was encouraged by her parents from youth. In 2021, she graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Religion and Theology as she enjoyed learning about theological texts and theologians which continue to influence her. Nonetheless, Ahya never stopped loving art, practising Fine Art and eventually picking up digital art, now her preferred medium. She loves expressing heartfelt emotions between characters in a whimsical way, inspired by her Christian faith, the wonders of nature and her love of happy endings in books. When not drawing, you can find her either cosying up with a book and her dog Milk or thrifting for more books

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