Alex Aldrich Barrett

Alex Aldrich Barrett

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Alex Aldrich Barrett

Alex Aldrich Barrett

Alex Aldrich Barrett was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and she now works from Los Angeles. She has never outgrown a fascination with beautifully made picture books. Her favorite childhood illustrators include Maurice Sendak and Trina Schart Hyman, who made work that was richly textured and surreal, full of magic, humor and love. This inspired her practice. She studied painting and printmaking at The Cooper Union in New York, and began her career by illustrating for magazines, as well as animating for independent films. She loves traditional media and does almost all her work with charcoal, gouache, and ink on thick rolls of paper. Inspired by the natural world, books and fairy tales, the characters she creates have full and interesting personalities. In her work, she seeks to reflect the real life diversity that kids deserve to see in the media. When she’s not at her desk, she is at the beach or on a hike with her sweet old dog, Abacus, by her side.

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