Alexandra Badiu

Alexandra Badiu

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Alexandra Badiu

Alexandra Badiu

Born to a Romanian family who immigrated to Turkey, Alexandra’s earliest memory is seeing Toy Story and taking home a Buzz Lightyear figure. She drew constantly as a child but told peers she would become an astronaut before she realized art was a profession she can pursue. After earning her BFA in animation in Turkey, she moved to USA to study illustration MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design. She graduated with the highest honor for graduate students, Excelsus Laureate in 2018. Her love of animation and books drove her decision to becoming a children’s book illustrator. Creating visual worlds and the ability to share it with children is her ultimate passion. She works digitally but practices and sketches traditionally to keep the natural aspect of her brush strokes intact. She illustrated for various international publishers and worked as visual development artist for animation. Her illustrations were recognized by 3x3 magazine, Creative Quarterly, Communication Arts and others. She can be found reading astrophysics books in her little studio or wandering in nature painting little gouache landscapes


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