Alexandra Pulga

Alexandra Pulga

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Alexandra Pulga

Alexandra Pulga

Alexandra, AL-ig-ZA(H)N-drə, Pulga is an illustrator based in the Philippines, living in her dreamy beachside hometown, Tacloban City Leyte. Alexandra mainly works digitally but loves experimenting with traditional textures, incorporating them into her final artworks. Ever since she was young Alexandra would take off on outdoor adventures and let her imagination run wild, making up stories. Her inner child still lives wild and free in her heart, so her illustrations are sprinkled with magical, whimsical, and mysterious themes that take viewers on unforgettable adventures. Alexandra is constantly inspired by love, family, friendship, and nature. In another universe, she would likely be a biologist or a filmmaker. But in this universe, Alexandra enjoys experimenting with new hobbies, going on nature walks, managing her independent bookstore, exploring her city, or watching sunrises and sunsets with her favorite people.

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