Alice Brereton

Alice Brereton

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Alice Brereton

Alice Brereton

Alice Brereton grew up in Minneapolis, MN and is absurdly proud of that fact. Her artwork is colorful, textured, shape oriented and always strives to be quirky or “smile inducing”. Alice has won a slough of awards from her school, the Academy of Art University, and Adobe, and keeps them in a nice humble pile next to her collection of dinosaur and donkey figurines. When Alice was 9 her imaginary friend was a gigantic Tyrannosaurs that she liked to imagine eating her best friends. Her favorite food is “pickled anything” and if she were not an illustrator Alice would be at the bottom of a sea in a submarine discovering new kinds of sea life and naming them ridiculous names... one day the “Tooty-McFlippery-Banana Butt” will be found

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