Alicia Padron

Alicia Padron

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Alicia Padron

Alicia Padron

As a little girl, Alicia Padron was amazed by picture books. She felt transported and lost in all the tiny details of the illustrations. Now, she gets to illustrate these pictures for a living! It is the best and most rewarding job for her. She has illustrated over 25 children’s books for wonderful publishers around the world, including a New York Times Bestseller by actress/ mathematician Danica McKellar. Alicia mainly works with watercolor and finishes her illustrations digitally. She enjoys creating sweet and cute characters, especially animals and babies. She always strives to convey warmth and love through her illustrations. Alicia’s family moved from Venezuela and she now works from her home studio in Florida, with her dog, Kipper, always at her side.

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