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Alicia Reyes

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Alicia Reyes

Alicia Reyes

Alicia Reyes is an illustrator and comic book artist based in Tenerife, Spain. She grew up influenced by her parents' love for comics and literature in general. Alicia has always loved drawing and writing, so she decided to combine her two passions. She graduated in Fine Arts from the ULL, specializing in illustration through the EASD in Tenerife and the Master of Professional Illustration at Barreria A+D, Valencia. Although she enjoys experimenting with ink, her work is mostly digital, focusing primarily on fantasy fiction, for young adult and adult audiences. What she likes most is to tell stories through the characters and the details of the environment that surrounds them. Alicia has two Siberian cats and an avocado tree that doesn't give avocados. She enjoys folk music and walks in the woods. She loves playing ambient music related to the project while in the idea phase and is happy to accept recommendations.

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