Allyson Wilson

Allyson Wilson

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Allyson Wilson

Allyson Wilson

Allyson is a graphic designer and illustrator based near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She grew up in a family of artists and has been immersed in the creative world since she can remember. After what she calls several "silver lining circumstances", she feels that she has finally found her true creative direction, and absolutely loves being an illustrator; creating everything from children's books to home decor, patterns, greeting cards and more. Allyson is a mother of two young children, who are big drivers in her motivation. It is so fulfilling, knowing that they are watching her follow her dreams, learning how to prioritize what is most important, and going through successes and failures together. Although art and motherhood take up most of her time these days, she tries to sneak in reading, gardening, and being in nature as much as possible. She is excited and honored to be able to work with new clients and have the opportunity to bring her artistic voice and style into the project

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