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Amanda Erb

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Amanda Erb

Amanda Erb

Amanda is an illustrator from a small town in rural Maryland. She currently lives in a very different environment in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. At a young age she was drawn to picture books and found inspiration in the works of Tomie de Paola and Jan Brett. As she grew into her teen years she started becoming more interested in animation and even considered pursuing a career as an animator after taking a tour of Disney’s animation studio based in Orlando, Florida. Her afternoons after school were mostly spent watching the Toonami block of programming on Cartoon Network. As an adult Amanda takes a variety of inspiration from picture books, comics, manga, graphic novels, and animation. In 2013 she graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration and has since gone on to create work for books, eBooks, advertisements, and toys. She enjoys creating scenes with expressive characters and compositions and is always looking to push her storytelling skills with each of her pieces. In her free time she enjoys playing soccer, learning Spanish and other languages, listening to and discovering new music, and finding new reading material and/or shows to watch. Dark chocolate almonds are her kryptonite and she loves iced coffee all year round. She has traveled almost the entire continental United States and hopes to accomplish more international travel in the future. She also hopes to one day adopt a dog or cat, possibly both

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