Ana Eguaras

Ana Eguaras

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Ana Eguaras

Ana Eguaras

Ana Eguaras [UH-nuh eh-WAH-rus] was born and raised in a small town in northern Spain. Picture books, fairies, tiny worlds, drawings, and magic marked her childhood. Later, she pursued her artistic passion and graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, specializing in Illustration. After her studies, she returned to her hometown. Ana’s artwork is mainly digital, yet she always tries to depict the materiality of gouache and collage while creating cozy, safe, and magical worlds with her illustrations. Ana shares her home studio with her boyfriend and the sweetest Siamese cat, Lola. When she's not at the studio, she'll be baking with self-grown ingredients, mud larking at the lake for tiny treasures that inspire her projects, or getting lost in books and period movies. Ana’s dream is to tell stories full of wonder and inspire kids to imagine and create their own worlds.

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