Ana Kobern

Ana Kobern

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Ana Kobern

Ana Kobern

Ana Kobern was born in Kyiv, but spent a lot of time in a small town with her grandmother, where she now lives. This is where her great love of nature and slow life were formed. Ana has loved to draw since she was a little girl. Although she went to school for economics, her heart has always been in the world of art, so she taught herself how to draw. Ana’s favorite medium has always been watercolor. Her aim is to create charming illustrations for children to show them the beauty and variety of our world, to teach them how to hear themselves, and to understand their feelings and emotions. Ana adores showing the real-life experiences of ordinary people in her artworks. Her work combines the love for finely defined color palettes with detailed elements and charming characters. Anastasia loves good music and flowers, also she has a big dream to publish her own books one day.

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