Anastasiia Nesterova

Anastasiia Nesterova

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Anastasiia Nesterova

Anastasiia Nesterova

Anastasiia was born in a small town in the south of Kazakhstan, but very soon her family moved to Mongolia. There, among the wild steppes and endless hills, she spent her childhood and youth. Anastasiia has loved to draw for as long as she can remember. In her drawings, there were always a lot of the natural world, animals, and of course people. It is important to her that even in the simplest drawing, the viewer can read the story. It just so happened that Anastasiia's higher education was far from artistic specialties, but this did not prevent her from starting to work as a freelance artist in her last years at university. From the moment she graduated in 2011 and to this day she has been successfully working as an illustrator; several books with her drawings have been published in the largest publishing houses in Russia. Anastasiia has lived in different countries, currently in Germany, but from wherever she is in the world she continues to do her favorite thing – drawing. She works with watercolors and computer graphics. And in both of these different techniques, she strives to convey warmth, coziness and magic in her illustrations.

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