Anastasiia Panchenko

Anastasiia Panchenko

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Anastasiia Panchenko

Anastasiia Panchenko

Ana was born and raised in Kherson, Ukraine. There she attended an art and crafts school and graduated from the local university with a B.A. in graphic design. During her studies, she discovered her passion for children’s book illustration but started her career as an illustrator for a mobile game development company. At the end of 2022, she moved to Norway and now lives with her husband in a village on Stord Island surrounded by mountains and woods. Although she has lived in the city all her life, Ana has always been attracted to the country lifestyle, inspired by pastoral motifs, cottages, animals, and flowers. Her work is also influenced by fairytales and magical creatures. Ana has a sphynx cat named Liquorice, who is also a great source of photo references and joy. In addition to digital art, Ana enjoys handcrafting, especially tapestry weaving.

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