Andrea Altamirano

Andrea Altamirano

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Andrea Altamirano

Andrea Altamirano

Andrea Altamirano is a multidisciplinary artist from sunny Central America, with a background in graphic design. Born in Costa Rica and raised in a mountain town in El Salvador, her childhood was filled with folklore, magic, travel, and exploration. Since then, she has always had a pencil and notebook at hand to write and draw dreams and discoveries. Andrea loves the playful creation of art and telling stories in her illustrations. She spent 2012 studying illustration in IDEP, Barcelona, learning new skills and techniques including painting, embroidery, ceramics, printmaking, and writing! She then shared with she learned with other artists in workshops. Andrea works as an illustrator in several fields, including children’s books, environmental graphics, and animation. As an outer space lover and a mindful self-explorer, Andrea has an online certificate in Astrobiology and is an activist for mental health. Andrea was a selected illustrator for the Society of Illustrators “Illustrators 63” exhibit and book in 2020, and the Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño, Madrid in 2022.

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