Aneta Fontner Dorozynska

Aneta Fontner Dorozynska

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Aneta Fontner Dorozynska

Aneta Fontner Dorozynska

Aneta Fontner Dorozynska grew up in a town in the centre of Poland. As a child she loved to draw and her passion led her to study at the Academy of fine Art In Łódź, Poland. After graduating she started working with advertising agencies and publishers creating characters, posters and storyboards, as well as creating illustrations for chapter and comic books from scratch to final arts. Resulting in book illustration becoming the most important aspect of her work. Drawing expressive characters, emotional scenes is her passion. Whilst she loves sketching, Aneta mainly works digitally in Adobe Photoshop and Fresco. But concept work is the most interesting part of designing book illustrations, as she enjoys organically creating dynamic roughs with traditional pencil. When not immersed in her illustration projects, Aneta delights in cherishing moments with her children, unwinding with a captivating story, and embarking on bike rides.

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