Anna Kubaszewska

Anna Kubaszewska

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Anna Kubaszewska

Anna Kubaszewska

Anna was born in Warsaw. After 31 years in Poland, she decided to move to France, where she has made her home. Her passion for drawing started when she was a young girl. Her mum knew that as long as she had pen and paper, she would be happy to spend all day drawing; so it was a piece of cake to be around her. She considered becoming a fashion designer or interior designer, but after finishing her Master in Arts and working as a graphic designer in some advertising agencies, she focused on working as a freelance children’s illustrator. She thinks that one of the best thing about being a freelance illustrator is working with people around the world, as well as the new, exciting challenges. Anna is an animal lover and owner of 2 crazy cats. She is huge fan of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and open world games

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