Anna Laera

Anna Laera

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Anna Laera

Anna Laera

Anna was born in 1995 in a small town in southern Italy, where she grew up enjoying the sea and the simplicity of her country. During her childhood she loved making up tales, watching animated films, drawing and creating any sort of sculpture with the most disparate materials such as paper, clay, wood, and pasta. She has always been an introverted person. This is why she focused on art: she wanted to give freedom to her feelings, and when she discovered she could do that with colors and drawings she could not stop! After finishing high school, in 2014 she decided to move to Florence (where she currently lives) to study Illustration and Entertainment Design at Nemo Academy of Digital Arts in order to follow her dream. Animated by a huge passion, she began to draw every day to improve her skills. Her goal is to touch people’s souls through light and emotions. Anna loves passionate humans, nature (she cares a lot about environment protection) and animals, particularly hedgehogs and felines. She is fond of animated movies, comics, children’s books, dark chocolate and chestnuts. She likes listening to people and trying to empathize with them: she thinks this is a very important part of her job, understanding people’s feelings in order to make her illustrations more touching. Indeed, as a lot of her friends say, if she hadn’t become an illustrator she would definitely be a psychologist.


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