Ardhi Al-Hafiz

Ardhi Al-Hafiz

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Ardhi Al-Hafiz

Ardhi Al-Hafiz

Ardhi Al Hafiz is an illustrator based in Indonesia. Inspired by Japanese manga and anime, His passion for art and storytelling began early. After graduating in 2022 with a degree in Visual Communication Design, Ardhi began his career as a graphic designer. However, he soon discovered his true calling in illustration, particularly in children's books. Now, Ardhi works full-time as an illustrator. Whether crafting illustrations for books or digital platforms, Ardhi infuses his work with vibrant colors and lively characters that resonate with audiences. When working, Ardhi enjoys listening to indie rock music or comedy podcasts. Through his work, he aims to spread joy and inspire others to embrace their authenticity. Growing up in diverse Indonesia, where people of different cultures and backgrounds coexist harmoniously, Ardhi embraces diversity. His upbringing inspired him to convey messages of acceptance and tolerance through his illustrations.

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