Barbara Szepesi Szucs

Barbara Szepesi Szucs

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Barbara Szepesi Szucs

Barbara Szepesi Szucs

As children, almost everyone says that they know what they want to be when they grow up. In the beginning, Barb couldn’t see clearly what she wanted to be, because drawing meant everything to her. It was a part of her life and her body, like breathing. She came from an artist family, so art was just a totally normal thing. Barbara used to play classical music and she almost became musician, but at the last moment she chose graphic design, and she said to herself: this will be her way. Barb studied in an art secondary school, then she applied to MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design - Budapest, Hungary), where she got her graphic design degree. She worked for the University, where they developed interactive children books for iPads and other tablets. Barb's team won the Hungarian Design Award in Visual Communication category. Barb lives in a tiny village with her husband and a bunch of cute animals. They both like living in village, they are totally in love with nature and animals. Others may think an artist's sensitivity is a disadvantage, but she thinks it is a gift and it is the catalyst of her creative work


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