Bi Aguiart

Bi Aguiart

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Bi Aguiart

Bi Aguiart

Bi Aguiart is a Brazilian illustrator who graduated with a degree in Animation from Senac. Since she was a child, she knew she wanted to work in art someday, so she dedicated herself to creating magical, cartoonish, and charismatic illustrations for children. Bi started her career working as an illustrator in small production companies in Brazil, then as a freelancer, working with big names such as “Rick and Morty”, Polly Pocket, and “Valoriant”. In 2021, Bi found herself in love with the world of illustrated books. As she delved into this industry, she also developed her digital art style to simulate painting with colored pencils (her favorite material as a child). Nowadays, she works with illustrations for children's books and animation sets. During her spare time, Bi likes to dedicate herself to creating her webcomic, playing video games, and spending time with her cats.

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