Bianca Austria

Bianca Austria

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Bianca Austria

Bianca Austria

Bianca Austria is a Filipino-American artist who grew up in Manila, Philippines, and now resides in California with her partner, close to her family, and her pet pigeon, Petra. Her artistic journey began when her mother gifted her a bucket of crayons. Bianca now mainly works digitally, incorporating traditional techniques into her digital art. Bianca's art revolves around themes of wildlife, plants, exploration, and travel, often presented in a playful and whimsical style. She also takes pride in using her art to empower her Filipino culture as well as other underrepresented communities. Her talent has been recognized by notable institutions such as the Society of Illustrators New York and The One Club for Creativity. Outside of her work, Bianca enjoys activities like thrift shopping, playing old video games, creating playlists, and planning her next travel adventure. If she wasn’t an illustrator, Bianca imagines herself as a conservationist working closely with birds.


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