Brogan Honor

Brogan Honor

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Brogan Honor

Brogan Honor

Brogan Honor is an illustrator and mess maker who lives with her two very vocal cats in the rainy North-East of England. As a child she used to love to tell tall tales, go on little adventures to the bottom of the garden, and play make believe. Not much has changed now she’s a grown-up (apart from being able to escape the confines of the garden, thankfully). One of her main inspirations is channelling that childlike wonder and magic into her illustrations with bright colours and whimsical, hidden details. Although her work is primarily digital her heart is set on recreating traditional mediums through the use of layering and textures for that nostalgic feel. When she isn’t illustrating Brogan can be found taking walks up the woods, visiting local cafe’s and getting her hands mucky with clay

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