Can Tugrul

Can Tugrul

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Can Tugrul

Can Tugrul

He was born in 1988 in Istanbul. He has been drawing something since he was born. He had a predisposition to drawing from his mother, andhe obsessively drew since then. In 2006 he made a strange choice and studied at the Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences. He thought something went wrong about his future plans. He thought “I be a boring politician” Then he left Political Sciences in 2011, started at Graphic Design Department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and graduated in 2017. He worked as an art director during his education and for various advertising agencies and magazines. Je also illustrated many books. In addition, he currently has a book he has written and drawn. And other one is on the way. Topics that inspire him include human behaviors, animal faces, cartoons,comic books, exploring different cultures and traveling. Also he likes collecting old medals, drinking tea, cats, night trains, last bites of cookies, reading books, and visiting markets on Sundays. If he wasn't an illustrator, he would be a ship captain or taxi driver


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