Carles Ballesteros

Carles Ballesteros

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Carles Ballesteros

Carles Ballesteros

Carles Ballesteros was born in Badalona, near Barcelona, in 1977. He now lives in Santiago de Chile and has lived there since 2011, where he teaches illustration classes at the local University and works as an illustrator for various publishers. Carles always wanted to study something related with art when he was a teenager. He then went to an Art school before studying Fine Arts at the Universitat de Barcelona. After completing his degree, Carles worked as an art teacher in a school in Barcelona. He then took a postgraduate course at Escola Eina, in Barcelona. He also completed several courses in screen painting and animation. When he started illustrating professionally he became a member of the Catalan Illustration Association (APIC). Carles clearly remembers the books he read when he was a child. When he creates his illustrations, he tries to imagine himself as a child again, regaining those feelings and transferring them into his work. Inspiration comes to him in many different forms, whether it’s a song, a film, a picture, a book, children playing in the park or a dog trying to catch its tail... Carles uses a mixture of traditional drawing skills with digital techniques to create his work. When he has a clear idea about how to illustrate the piece, he makes roughs, usually done in a very basic way in a sketchbook. Carles always work listening to music and if he wasn’t an illustrator, he would love to be a musician as music is one of his hobbies, as well as photograpy, movies and sport.


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