Chelsey Farris

Chelsey Farris

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Chelsey Farris

Chelsey Farris

Chelsey Farris is an illustrator and graphic designer based in St. Louis, Missouri. Chelsey's path to design was anything but traditional. Starting with a degree in Textile and Apparel Management, she jumped into the professional world by working a series of odd sales jobs, including selling wedding gowns, books door-to-door, and even art on cruise ships. Craving a more creative career, Chelsey took additional courses and quickly fell in love with Graphic Design, particularly the way design combined her passions in business, sales, and art. Chelsey finished her second degree and jumped full speed into the design world. Her work can be characterized by bold color palettes and flat, minimal illustrations. Some of her passions include traveling, hiking, coffee, reading, fitness, and eating her weight in pizza. Chelsey lives with her husband (and fellow designer) James and their dog Lona in a historic home in St. Louis City.

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