Csilla Kőszeghy

Csilla Kőszeghy

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Csilla Kőszeghy

Csilla Kőszeghy

I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. I have met art early on as my grandmother was an art teacher and I saw her drawing and painting many times. I also adored picture books being fascinated by all the beautiful illustrations. In high school I took extra classes to immerse in literature and I remember „seeing” those stories as films displayed in front of me. I’ve been drawing since childhood pretty much everything around me, but especially children and animals. I studied Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts Hungary, and later Illustration in London at Kingston University. I have been illustrating children’s books for 12 years. As for hobbies, I have loved horseback riding since being a child, when I wanted to be a rider in a circus. Today, if I have a little time, I drive down to a nearby ranch to practice riding and to play with the funny mops and pig at the farm

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