Darnell Johnson

Darnell Johnson

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Darnell Johnson

Darnell Johnson

Born and raised in Miami, Darnell Johnson had a healthy visual diet of Saturday morning cartoons, comics, video games and movies. But Darnell wanted to be an astronaut until he found out he could really draw. With a loving mother who did all that she could to help nurture his passion for art, there was no limit to his growth. The endless drawing and painting from elementary to high school helped greatly in the development of his gift from God. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, Darnell was on his way diving head first into building a career as an artist. Currently freelancing full time in Atlanta, Darnell continues to learn and challenge himself. It’s from living life with his beautiful wife, faith, family, hard work, and purpose that he pours into the marks he makes to create art that moves and inspires others

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