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Dikshaa Pawaskar

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Dikshaa Pawaskar

Dikshaa Pawaskar

Dikshaa Pawaskar is an Indian illustrator with a passion for creating unique and imaginative illustrations for children. While pursuing her BFA at a prestigious art institute in Mumbai, Dikshaa discovered her love for children's illustration. Through her artwork, Dikshaa enjoys exploring various textures and colors, always striving to find the perfect combination to capture the essence of her subject, whether it be a place or a character. In her work, she endeavors to create colorful and whimsical worlds that welcome you in and tell a story. A lover of nature and animals, much of her work is inspired by forests. Diversity and inclusion are integral elements of her illustrations, as she aims to promote unity, harmony, and equality - all of which are values she hopes to see in the world. Through her illustrations, she hopes to encourage young readers to think about themselves and the world around them, inspiring them and bringing a smile to their faces.

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