Diobelle Cerna

Diobelle Cerna

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Diobelle Cerna

Diobelle Cerna

Diobelle is a Filipino illustrator based in the Philippines. She spent her childhood in Doha, Qatar then moved to Manila to attend Far Eastern University, where she graduated with a BFA in Advertising Arts. As a child, she loved to draw and create comics which often featured characters from her favorite books, anime and cartoons. Her art is deeply influenced and inspired by animated classics of Disney and Studio Ghibli. Diobelle has a passion for visual storytelling - creating scenes that capture life's magical mundane moments and also loves to draw expressive characters with fluid lines and shapes. She draws digitally most of the time and many of her works have an atmospheric feel with strong lighting and soft colors. In her spare time, Diobelle enjoys reading, photography, watching movies and playing with her adorable little dog, Coco.

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