Elisa Varetti

Elisa Varetti

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Elisa Varetti

Elisa Varetti

Elisa was born in Lucca, Italy, in 1987 and has always loved drawing since she can remember. After a degree in Architecture and a career in advertising, she graduated in Entertainment Design and Illustration at Nemo Academy of Digital Arts. She now works as an illustrator and product designer from her hometown for Italian and foreign companies. In 2020 she won the Nemo Talents Awards and designed her first children’s book, soon to be published by “La città delle nuvole”. She works digitally and usually listens to music, podcasts, audiobooks and even movies, while working. Elisa is very curious and sometimes she finds herself focusing on specific topics until her thirst for knowledge is satisfied. Among other things, she likes to challenge herself, reading books of all kinds and playing sport. But most of all, she likes travelling and developing (someone-would-say-tiring) trips for her family.

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