Farimah Khavarinezhad

Farimah Khavarinezhad

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Farimah Khavarinezhad

Farimah Khavarinezhad

Farimah is a freelance illustrator currently based in Canada. She started drawing when she was a child by recreating her favourite cartoon’s characters. She worked with various traditional mediums before she decided to turn to digital arts and develop her own style. Farimah loves incorporating details in her illustrations and work with warm and cozy colors while most of her projects are illustrations for books, posters and packaging. While drawing Farimah enjoys listening to jazz. Her hobbies include watching Hayao Miyazaki’s anime on the weekends, watering her plants and baking carrot cake for her family and friends. If she had not become an illustrator, she would have definitely become a chef

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