Faryn Hughes

Faryn Hughes

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Faryn Hughes

Faryn Hughes

As a child, Faryn embraced bedtime because it meant being whisked away to the enchanting realms of storybooks. Her favorites were books with intricate details and immersive scenery, enticing countless revisits. She resolved early on to pursue illustration and aspires to evoke the same sense of wonder for future generations. Dedicating herself to ethereal watercolor and digital art inspired by nature, wildlife, and fairytales, Faryn creates tranquil, symbolic illustrations reminiscent of the atmospheric books of her youth. Her portfolio includes illustrated book covers and over a dozen children's books, all underscored by a profound connection to the natural world. Faryn currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota with her two very fluffy cats. In her spare time, Faryn can be found with a mug of tea, surrounded by a plethora of plants, engrossed in personal projects aimed at providing moments of calm in our fast-paced world.

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