Felishia Henditirto

Felishia Henditirto

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Felishia Henditirto

Felishia Henditirto

Felishia was born in Bandung and has been fascinated by art and stories since she was a child. When everybody else was busy taking notes in biology class, she was stuck in her own world, drawing. Illustrating stories is her biggest passion, and she has recently graduated with a BFA in graphic design. In her illustrations, Felishia likes to play with colors, lights, and shadows. She also finds that using metaphors in her drawing is fun, she likes to think about the meaning of everything! Felishia uses digital media and mostly works in procreate. She always has a thirst for magic so she tries to find it in every little thing she does, especially in reading! If she is not working you can find her visiting far far away places behind a book.


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