Flavia Zuncheddu

Flavia Zuncheddu

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Flavia Zuncheddu

Flavia Zuncheddu

Flavia was born in the first winter of the 80s near Milan. As a child, whe loved summer because didn’t have to go to school and could draw on the balcony table, all day, until dinner time. After completing her artistic studies and then her graphic studies, she worked for many years as a graphic designer, developing a strong chromatic and compositional personality. She realised that she missed those summer days spent drawing, so she found some paper, color, a balcony table, and started drawing again. Today she works as a freelance illustrator in her home-studio full of plants and maps. In her spare time she likes to paint animals or strange beings that do things around the world. She loves to dine on the sofa, eat chocolate, dress in black, watch TV series’ and the Beatles. But perhaps most of all she loves to travel to discover places, foods, plants and animals she has never seen before. She dreams of seeing whales: and whilst she has visited Norway, Argentina and North America, she has never been able to see one (it seems that from time to time the whales have an irrepressible urge to play hide-and-seek ... and just when Flavia is one step away from them

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