Francesca Ficorilli

Francesca Ficorilli

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Francesca Ficorilli

Francesca Ficorilli

Francesca was born and lives in Rome. Since she was a child her mother passed down to Francesca her love for arts and, when she watched for the first time Disney movies and Japanese anime, she absolutely knew what she wanted to be: an artist! The idea of being a rockstar never left her, but Francesca preferred to focus her study on Fine Arts, in high school, and Interior Design, at university. During this period, she had the great opportunity to work with some important Italian animation and graphic design studios. After she earned a degree in Animation at International School of Comics, she’s started to work as freelance on both animated and editorial projects. Art Deco with a hint of Japanese influences and a sprinkling of fervid imagination, accompanied by a lot of good music, is the recipe of Francesca’s illustrations. She loves to move people with colours and astonish them with involving compositions. She usually use digital technique, but sometimes she likes to come back to paper and her beloved watercolours. When Francesca went out of her fantastic world, she likes to discover the many wonders that are waiting for her! She is very curious about everything and she finds inspirations for her illustrations in every corner of the world


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