Fy Ranaivoson

Fy Ranaivoson

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Fy Ranaivoson

Fy Ranaivoson

Fy is an illustrator born and raised in Madagascar. She grew up loving animated movies from Disney, Dreamworks, and Pixar. Loilufy pursued an education at the University of Information and Communication since there are no formal art schools in Madagascar. In 2017, she discovered digital painting, again sparking her passion for art. Since then, Fy embarked on a self-taught journey, tapping into the wealth of resources available on the internet to improve her skills. Today, Fy thrives as a freelance illustrator. Her specialization is in visual development and illustration, with a strong focus on character design. Fy has a deep appreciation for diversity and an insatiable curiosity to explore various cultures around the world. She is also passionate about causes related to well-being and is a proud mental health activist. Acknowledging the myriad of challenges of the human experience, she often infuses her work with values of diversity and the intricacies of the human character. Through her work, she empowers others to embrace their differences as a source of strength.

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