Gabriela Delgado

Gabriela Delgado

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Gabriela Delgado

Gabriela Delgado

Gabriela Delgado was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1989. She studied marketing and later on art direction at Miami Ad School. Having, initially, her own digital agency, she felt something was missing. She has always been attracted to letterforms and bright illustrations so she started to learn how to design, letter, and illustrate on her own. She closed the agency and went freelance as a designer and illustrator in 2018, and has never looked back since. She prefers working in digital media. Her illustrations incorporate vibrant colors and symmetry. Gabriela loves travelling, disconnecting in the country, and spending time with loved ones as well as her cat and dogs who inspire her to create art. Gabriela has illustrated for brands and also designed patterns and other works for various independent clients. Her dream is for her work to inspire and make others smile

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