Geeta Ladi

Geeta Ladi

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Geeta Ladi

Geeta Ladi

Geeta Ladi is a children’s book illustrator born and raised in Mumbai. As a child, she poured through storybooks, absorbing the rich illustrations and creating new imaginative worlds from them. India’s multicultural diversity has influenced her style, as her colorful work aims to share it’s unique energy with children all over the world. Geeta has combined her artistic knowledge with her personal experience of working with children in Indian schools. Her focus has been on creating art expressing curiosity, innocence, and in particular, highlighting the special strength of girls. By working with digital and traditional mediums, she creates powerful visuals playing with textures and lighting to connect with children’s emotions. She believes that a good book can open up worlds to young minds. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies with her cinephile husband, playing with her energetic dog and taking photographs that capture emotion and life


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