Gisela Bohorquez

Gisela Bohorquez

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Gisela Bohorquez

Gisela Bohorquez

Gisela Bohórquez fell in love with drawing when her parents gave her a huge box of crayons at 3 years old. Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, she was always surrounded by her uncle Jairo’s amazing books and her father’s drawings. At school, she used to sell little stickers with animals she drew herself. Ever since, Gisela knew she wanted to be an artist and work with shapes and colors. She studied Graphic Design in college, where she learned digital illustration and fell in love with those techniques. Then, Gisela’s professional journey led her to Barcelona, where she perfected her children’s illustrations. She also got to know Catalan cuisine, including the irresistible “pà amb tomàquet”. Gisela loves cats and rainy days. She is afraid of spiders but is also incapable of killing one. She is addicted to pineapple and unable to work and listen to music at the same time. She loves to put her whole heart in her work: according to her, that’s the secret to connecting people with her designs. At the end of the day, if they are satisfied with the outcome, she is too

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