Hamnah Rizwan

Hamnah Rizwan

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Hamnah Rizwan

Hamnah Rizwan

Hamnah Rizwan is an illustrator based in Virginia, U.S. She comes from a diverse heritage being part Salvadoran, part Filipino, and part Pakistani, which has had a heavy influence on her artwork. Hamnah holds a master’s in software engineering which provides a unique perspective to her approach to art. Her illustrations are mainly digital, but she enjoys incorporating organic textures wherever she can in her work. As both an avid animal lover and fantasy geek, she has a special interest in projects that involve fantasy themes and creatures and animals of all kinds. Coming from Virginia, a state known as the ‘Horse Country,’ they are her number one animal. She also enjoys projects celebrating her heritage and cultures from around the globe. When she isn't in her studio, you'll find her lost in the world of horses, tutoring, collecting high-top sneakers, or diving into the epic fantasy realms of 'The Lord of the Rings' (her movie-night must).

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