Irma Ruggiero

Irma Ruggiero

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Irma Ruggiero

Irma Ruggiero

Irma Ruggiero is an Italian illustrator and author, class of 1997. She loves read since childhood and, through her mother, she learned to hold a pencil and turn her ideas into illustrations. She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples with an illustrated project-book for visually impaired children. She later graduated in Illustration at the Italian School of Comics. She enjoys writing and has lots of notebooks spread throughout the house where she notes stories, thoughts and various doodles. Her first children's book as an author "Un Fantasmagorico Natale" published by Mondadori Ragazzi, came out in November 2022. She enjoys working with her cutie dog Lara on her legs, always sketching with pencil first on her own inseparable sketchbook and finishing the artwork digitally, with Procreate and Photoshop. She loves to draw little witches, vampires and lovely ghosts. With her illustrations she retreats into the colorful world of the little ones.

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