Isabella Grott

Isabella Grott

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Isabella Grott

Isabella Grott

Isabella was born in 1985 in Rovereto, a small town in northern Italy. As a child she loved to draw, as well as play outside with Perla, her beautiful German Shepherd. She studied at Nemo Academy of Digital Arts in the city of Florence, where she currently lives with her cat, Miss Marple. Isabella works as a freelance illustrator for various publishers and in 2015, she placed first in the Italian competition, “Il Battello a Vapore” (Piemme Editions). She works digitally but also with traditional tools - such as pencils, watercolors, crayons - and techniques - such as collage. She loves all types of paper! Isabella also has other strong passions: travelling, watching movies and reading - a lot! As a matter of fact, if she hadn't become an illustrator, today she would certainly be a librarian


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