Jade Van Der Zalm

Jade Van Der Zalm

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Jade Van Der Zalm

Jade Van Der Zalm

Jade was born in Zhanjiang, China but grew up in the Netherlands where she still lives. As a child, she always turned the coloring page upside down to draw her own stories on the back. They were usually about girls with long and flowy hair, something she still loves to draw. She studied Communication and Multimedia Design where she learned she loved illustrating and telling stories. After graduating with Honors and winning the award for best graduation project, she continued working on her portfolio while also working part time at an animation studio as an animator. Jade draws her inspiration from the shapes and colors of nature and drinks liters of tea while drawing. If she was not an illustrator she would have pursued a career in theater. She also loves to bake, and cook. One day, she hopes to have tame chickens and ducks in her garden

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