Jazlyn Alcaide

Jazlyn Alcaide

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Jazlyn Alcaide

Jazlyn Alcaide

Jazlyn Alcaide is a non-binary Filipino-American artist born and raised in New York. They grew up fascinated by stories told through books, manga, cartoons, anime, animated films, and video games. When their mother gave them a pencil and paper one afternoon, they found their spark and never looked back. They studied Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts and have had their work exhibited at a gallery and featured in multiple fanzines throughout the years. Jaz has a passion for fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, and all things spooky! Jaz particularly finds joy in breathing life into fantastical, mythical worlds through character design, concept art, and visual development. They often listen to music to help immerse themselves while they work. During their free time, Jaz enjoys writing, napping in the park, and learning new creative hobbies such as video editing to help them further express their characters and stories. If art hadn’t been their calling…Well then, they’d most likely be found in some quiet coastal town, playing the part of a mysterious stranger!


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